Terms & Conditions

The Hack

  • All work on the hack must be done at the hackathon. Teams can use prior ideas or publicly available libraries but prior work or projects are prohibited.

  • Teams are welcome to gain advice and support from organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and others for their hacks.

  • There is no restriction on what the final hack should be but teams will be required to provide a demo of their hack as part of the judging process.

Equipment and Resource Use

  • Honda will supply workstations for participants to use, but bringing your own laptop may be beneficial.

  • Teams are welcome to use any event or publicly available resources for the hack.


Team Interaction

  • Teams should treat all hackathon participants with utmost respect. And should not disturb other teams in any ways. Any violation may result in disqualification.

Submission & Demo

  • All teams will be required to submit their hack to the designated AWS S3 bucket. Teams will be limited to one submission each.

  • Teams will be required to demonstrate their hack, their journey and learnings.

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